Guilds of Gwenethan



Guilds of Gwenethan is a project, developed by a team of students in 1 month. It is a 2 player AR card game where you could see your cards and the board come to live right in front of you. We basicly tried to create yu gi oh.

Project details

Technical details

  • 2016 ( 1 month )
  • School project
  • Team Project
  • C#
  • Unity engine
  • Vuforia SDK (image recognition software)
  • Networking
  • Samsung Gear VR


Awards / recognition

  • Generalist Programmer
  • Tech Lead
  • Selected by NHTV as show piece to present in front of Samsung

All Characters Screenshot
Animated Characters


What i worked on


Research and TDD

The first 2 weeks we spend researching our options and the limitations of our hardware/software. After those weeks i made a TDD to set constraints for our project and to give a clear understanding on how we will manage our code and assets. I also discussed the art budget with the art lead and the criteria for the art assets.


Develop/designing the playing field, cards, gameplay.

One of the challenges with our software was the capturing of unique cards and the board. After testing we concluded that when the cards where on the table they could not be scanned anymore to display the models. I came with the solution of using the board as one big scannable object and place a grid on top of it. This changed the gameplay as the player  would scan the card in front of his GearVR and the game would place the model on the grid. We no longer needed to scan the cards on the playing field but only the board.

We also tested diffrent type of cards that could be used for scanning. I provided the atists with a guideline on how to work with contrast and discussed with the designers the best way to create the cards.


Creating a development environment within a closed network

For the game we needed to have 2 GearVR glasses online, however because of reasons unknown the school blocked our internet connectivity by default. So we had to set up our own custom network to be able to test with the devices.

Because it takes time to test on the GearVR and the connection issues, I had set up a laptop with two camera’s that could be used for scanning. By assigning each camera to one player we could mimic the gameplay on one machine.



Gameplay loop

I was solely responsible of creating the gameplay loop. This meant placing the models on the right positions, Calculating the scores, win criteria. board clearing, etc.